Welcome to Saucy Over Sixty Dating

One of the main aims we strive for with saucy over sixty dating in the UK is that our site can potentially help our members meet like-minded 60 year olds in their area for saucy dates and casual fun. We have loads of real members on our site from all over the UK, looking for more erotic encounters. The men and women on this site are not necessarily looking for a romantic relationship; they might also be looking for a sexual connection.

Do I have to be over sixty to join?

No you do not. Although we have tried to aim our site at people in their sixties as we noticed there were not a huge amount of other dating sites that offered a similar service as ours. With saucyoversixtydating.co.uk we want to give men and women in their sixties the same opportunities to meet up for the same local dating experiences and casual fun as younger audiences get.

How much does it cost?

We offer our members two types of membership opportunities. The first is as a free member. For this we do not require any type of payment, all we need for you to create your free account is your name, sex, age, email address (this must be valid so we can authenticate your account) and a password. Once you have submitted this information using the registration from, like the one at the top of this page, you will have instant access to our site. However access to certain features and tools on our dating platform will be restricted until you become a full, paying member.

Safe and Secure

We have tried to develop this site so that it is Safe, secure and private for the following reasons,

  • We will never show up on your bank account as Saucy Over Sixty Dating.
  • We will always try to authenticate any new profile create on our site. We do this to make sure there are no fake profiles, or time wasters.
  • Any information submitted to our site, whether this is on your profile (and you haven't made it public) or in messages to other members is kept private; we do not broadcast your email, no information is passed onto third party companies. If you cancel your membership, all you information is deleted permanently.
  • We work closely with an online dating protector company, who help check our database on a regular basis for spam, scammers and reported profiles.

Reasons for Joining

Being over sixty should not mean that you don't have access to the same great communities and networks for finding casual sex. Some members who have used our site have probably found more casual relations now, than any other time in their life, but we can’t say that for sure. So you will have to message them and find out for yourself!

Easy to use.

Saucyoversixtydating.co.uk had been created to be as easy to use as possible. Simply sign up and start searching for members you know you fancy! You can use different search filters to help you find like-minded members, Filters like,
1. Location
2. Appearance
3. Age
4. Sexual fantasies

 Yes that’s right, you can actually search for people based on their sexual fantasies! Why not sign up now and have a go?


Our saucy members share why they love using our exciting dating site

"I really like that they take security and privacy seriously here. I looked at a lot of adult sites to join, and I decided on this one because of that reason. "

Sandra, Brighton

"SaucyOverSixtyDating.co.uk was a good match for me. As a lady in her sixties I found the environment and community of members really suited my, and I felt very comfortable joining up. Susie, Gloucestershire."

Susie, Glocestershire

"Well one thing I will say is that if I don’t check my profile every day I can’t keep up with the demand! I have so many young guys wanted to have sex with me now, it’s unbelievable." 

Lucy, Fife

"After watching that program called, my granny escort, I really wanted to try and meet a hot mature woman. After searching in Google I stumbled across this site and instantly connected with it because it appeals to men looking for local sex with an older woman"

Dean, London

"Join up about a week ago. I have never really used a site like this before, but to be honest I’ve not really struggled with it. It has a very easy to use layout and the navigation buttons make it clear. I sent my first message to a younger lad just yesterday! "

Lilly, Swansea

"What can I say? It’s got loose older women looking to fuck on it? Lol. I wouldn’t tell the boys I am on this, but it’s perfect for seeing some older gash. "

Craig, Blackpool

"After a long divorce I am finally free to do what I want. And one of those things I want to do is reignite my sex life. After being deprived of it for nearly 7 years I’m having more sex than I could have ever wanted. All the men here are really understanding, and hardly ever rude, they must do a good job of filtering out the idiots"

Bev, Hampshire

"I’ve had a fetish for older women and grannies for as long as I can remember. After trying to deny my urges a friend of mine recommend this over sixty dating site. So I joined up, it’s great, totally private as I do all my online activity either using my phone or ipad."

Dave, Essex

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