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We have many older ladies in Sheffield who are over the age of sixty and looking for sex. If you live in Sheffield and you are interested in having more sex, then this is the site for you.

Saucy older ladies in Sheffield

We have hundreds of ladies who are all currently seeking more sex near you. If you are online right now and interested in meeting up with some hot grannies over the age of sixty, then the first thing you need to do is sign-up to the sign up form at the top of this page. Once you have signed up, we will ask you to create your saucy profile in Sheffield, so these women can get in touch with you.

After you have your online profile, then we will take you through to a page full of women in Sheffield who have all already signed up and are looking for a bit of naughty fun in their area.

Meet women over sixty in Sheffield

These women all signed up to the same site as you and all live in Sheffield. Remembers before you sign up to this site. All the members have also signed up to a dating site called saucy over sixty, so they are all interested in getting Saucy. If you are the same, then we can help.

Meet one of out members

“I was unsure about signing up to this dating site. I am a sixty-three-year-old woman who loves the idea of having more sex, but I didn’t know if I could trust everything I read about this site. I mean, it seemed too good to be true. I have lived in Sheffield my entire life, and I never meet any men who seem to want to have sex with me.

I signed up to this dating site, and within a few hours, I had a few men contact me saying they were interested. I was fascinated by this so messaged them all back asking if they were interested in meeting up. I met every single one of them. It was so horny. We would meet in a hotel and have a night of romance. I know it seems a bit slutty, but at my age this was incredible. All the men I met seemed lovely and only interested in sex, which works out perfectly for me as I am in the same situation myself at the moment. The only reason I am currently online is that I am seeking more sex so this works out perfectly for me!


When it comes to finding sex in your local area using an online dating service like in Sheffield is going to be the best decision you could possibly make! Why is that? Well simply put our online platform gives you full control and access to browse, message and meet as many dirty older women in their sixties as you could ever possibly imagine. Our exciting and highly popular UK website has been helping its members meet for local one night stands and casual encounters since 2006, and every year as our community of members has increased we have offered new tools and features to our dating service that really help everyone and anyone get whatever type of horny, adult experience they want from our site. So try for free today and start enjoying more saucy dates than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams! Continue reading Sheffield


Get Saucy in your sixties in London. has been around for over eight years. In this time we have grown to become one of the biggest over sixty sex sites in the UK. We have got members from the top of Scotland to the depths of Wales; however, one of our biggest locations for members to sign up is (of course) London. London is the city that has given our sites a huge number of its members. It turns out that there are a lot of men and women in their sixties who are looking to have no stings attached sex in the Capitol. Continue reading London

Mature sixty niners

granny sixty ninerOut of all the sexual positions in the world, there is nothing more intimate and sexy than the sixty niner. Lying on your back with a mature womans arse in your face while she sucks on your dick is enough to make any make any man rock hard.

Why do men love the sixty niner.

Men who like oral sex and like performing sex will loved this position. This can be done in many ways; you can have the man on his back or the woman on her back and the man on top. Generally if the man is on his back then it is down to the woman to suck his dick while she moves her fanny over his mouth in the way she likes. However when the man is on top he can thrust his dick down the woman’s throat while he holds the woman down and licks her wherever he likes. Some men like to lick the vagina and even work their way down to the arse hole. Many men love to lick a woman arse hole. Whether it is just the thought of licking her most intimate area or whether it is because he is obsessed with her arse, it can often make a man very hard, rimming a mature woman.

The standing sixty niner

mature 69rThe other option is of course to stand up but this does require a fair amount of strength. The easiest way to do this is for the woman to being in the wheelbarrow position and put her feet over than mans shoulders while he crouches down as far as he can. Then as the man stands up the mature lady will slowly be lifted up then the woman’s thighs will hook over the mans shoulders. If done right, the woman’s mature pussy should be in the man face and the woman should now be hanging upside down with her head hanging by the mans dick. Now this can be quite strenuous but you should be able to do it based on the amount of pleasure that you will be having from doing it.

Find people who love doing the 69r

When everyone signs up to saucy over sixty they fill out a brief questionnaire saying some of the things that they enjoy sexually. You can tick the box saying that you like doing oral sex and sixty niners. This means when everyone else signs up, they can search for people who like sixty niners.

If you love having a sixty niner with horny mature women then this is the perfect site for you, why not sign up for free and see if you can meet someone perfect for a lovely blowjob.

elderly dating service

Meet 60 year olds in London

60 year old in londonAre you alone in London and looking to have sex with a 6o year old? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog we are going to explore some of the different people who like to have sex with 60 year old women online and why this site will be perfect for you.

1.Elderly men

Many men who are also in their sixties will be looking to have sex with women in their sixties. If you are newly single, perhaps you have recently lost someone or come out of a grueling affair; you might want to find another 60 year old in London to have sex with


Many men have a curiosity of having sex with an older woman. It is quite normal to have this fetish of shagging an older woman. Perhaps when you are young an older woman did something that really turned you on as a child. Perhaps some of the first porn you watched was granny pron. There are many different things that might have caused it but the fact of the matter is that some men just love the idea of fucking a sixty year old woman. We have many men of this age signed up to the site. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be in your sixties to sign up to this site, this is simple a site to help all our sexy 60 year old women find men to have sex with them in London.

3. Men looking for affairs

over 60 dating serviceFor whatever reason it is, you may want to have an affair with an older woman. It is true that women over a certain age are more discrete. Perhaps if you want to have a bit of sexual fun with someone who no body would expect you to be sleeping around with, then this is the site for you

Whatever one of the three categories you fit into in the above, we have hundreds of women looking for you too. Many of the women on this site have signed up looking for no strings attached fun with a man. It doesn’t matter if you are 23, married or simply single and looking for your next fling, we have the women for you.

Meeting women who are in their sixties for sex in London is easy and convenient on Sign up for your discrete account and within minutes you will be scrolling through thousands of profiles of women who fit your perfect match. Remember this is an erotic site so most of the women on this site are looking for sexual romance as well as everything else. So if you are feeling a bit horny this is the site for you.

saucy older woman

Get saucy with a naughty older woman

Are you interested in meeting a naughty older woman in the UK?

old saucy womanSaucyoversixtydating is the home of naughty women (youv’e guessed it) over sixty!

We have hundreds of men all over the country signing up in order to watch the horny videos uploaded by these women.

Do the women upload a lot of horny videos

We have hundreds of horny videos from these mature women. Many of the women treat their profile like their very own little porn sites. They upload horny photos of them having sex with other members and even upload photos of the them stripping, dancing, or even just lying in bed playing with their tits. If you don’t believe me why not sign up and see for yourself.

Are the women real?

naughty older womanYes every single image you see on this site was uploaded by a real woman. We only ever feature members images on our site once people have signed up and asked us if we would use their images to get more men to their profile.

Since we have over 100 women a month writing in to ask us if they can be featured on the home page, we can’t please everyone so we simply select the best images and we try to show as many as we can.

The women are on this site to be having more sex though. This is the real reason they want more men to their profiles. They know that if they upload lots of horny videos and images, before long they will have hundreds of men writing to them, asking them if they want to meet up for sex.

In terms of the profiles being real, we have set up a system that ensures us that every single person you meet on this site is real. The formula we use is not a complicated one, it is really straight forward and it comes down to a lot of hard work. We have hired a team of over 30 people and every single day we simply go through each of the profiles and check if the profiles are real or not. We check to see how much the profiles are being used, if any images or videos are uploaded and if the person has written a description about themselves. If we have any doubt at all that that person is not who they say they are then we removes the profile immediately.

If we are in any way unsure, we contact the member and ask them if they need any help with their profile.

It is important to us that you are meet up with real naughty members in your area who are eager and willing to suck your dick!

Meet Older Women In London

Older woman from LondonAre you looking to meet older women in London but you just aren’t sure how to find her? Let me guide you. Firstly let’s make sure you know exactly what you are looking for, I mean you don’t want to be approaching women with a ring on her finger now do you? Okay maybe you do but that’s not what we are aiming for here. You want to meet a single older woman who is up for a bit of casual flirting and more if she’s game.

We’ve all be down the pub and had a conversation on what age your limit is at. Although no matter the age whether she is 10 years older or even 20years older – mature women can be pretty damn hot to a younger guy. Why? I think it’s down to how we think she is much more experienced that someone who is much younger. Women who are getting older have had time to appreciate their bodies, be confident and know how to please men. – Of course if you choose wrong then maybe they won’t have all those qualities but still something to tick of the list.

So how to choose the right lady, well if you are looking to meet older women in London then I suggest you start going to places where you don’t usually. Break away from the pub and trying to chat women up in clubs. Start looking in bars and restaurants; you’ll come across a new kind of women. Yes she might not be as easy to find or chat up but it will be worth the chase. If she is interested then you will know immediately as you’ll find older women don’t hang around if she’s not interested. – Failing that, the best way to find yourself an hot older lady. Search online, you will find countless lonely horny ladies looking for some casual sex in London. Find her online, on an app or on a dating site. The best thing about these is that there is no ‘chit chat’ you literally get down to the point and could possibly link up that night. Sounds too easy hey, well that’s just because it is.

When you do find someone worth your while, compliment her and make her feel young again. She will be flattered that younger guys still find her attractive and hopefully she will play into your hands. Let her do the talking whilst you do the listening, impress and show her that you can be a gentleman. Women like to feel wanted and wish to be lusted over so make the most of this whilst you can, then with any luck you will see the favour repaid in the bedroom.

As long as you are both on the same page and know that you are looking for a casual relationship then no one gets hurt. The luxury of having casual sex with an older woman is that she will be able to teach you things that a girl your age wouldn’t. Also there’d be no need to worry about petty jealously or explaining to her what ‘this is’.

So why not put yourself out there, go and meet older women in London and set yourself up for a good time with no strings attached. If you feel you have the confidence, approach her in that bar or if you are feeling shy go online, start exchanging messages and make a date to hook-up. After your first night together you won’t be disappointed. She will be able to show you a good time. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Feeling Saucy? I am ROFL

My name is Annette and since I have recently bought high suspenders; there is no stopping me. I am 74 going on 21. I recently split with my husband of 43 years and by god, have a recent lust for life, and yes, sex as well. I want to meet up with men for sexual encounters, but with no strings attached. I have had 43 years of attached sex and now I just want to have a bit a play, and by god, that is the name of the game.

older blowjob

I am not fussy on looks as long as the men are clean. I recently met up with a lovely over weight gent called Keith and all was going well until I began to suck him off. As his erect penis entered my small mouth and I was greeted with a mouth full of cottage cheese. I began to heave, and got a few ANTI BACTERIAL wipes from upon my bed side table and began to wash his cock. He preferred that to the actual blow job and in about 2 minutes came all over my hand. I proceeded to drink all of the cum on my hand. Yum Yum.

But as I say I wasn’t too happy about the fact he did not wash his penis and that is my only bug bare. Another erotic meet up from this dating site was when I met up Gary, who had the nicest butt I think I have ever literally seen on a lovely man. I began by licking all around his lovely anus. He was hard as a rock and I was dripping like a hat that had been left out in the rain for days. I have only recently discovered that I was giving him what the youngsters call a rust trombone. As I was licking all around his grommet my other hand wrapped around I tossed him off. I was so gleeful that he was in so much pleasure.

I cannot say how much I am enjoying this sexy sites- and I am 74 and I can still orgasm- Rock on’and rock on the cock I say ROFL.