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Saucy and 60: flings

My name is Carol and ever since my divorce of my unfaithful husband back in 2009 I feel my life has completely turned around thanks to these saucy senior dating sites. I caught my ex-husband sending explicit text messages to a woman he worked with in his office. To my surprise they were very sexy messages.

60 years old with tits out

Me and my ex, who i’ll call Tom for the purposes of this, not his real name, photographed himself wearing a Brazilian thong with his bits and pieces exposed out of the thong. Though I was mad with him, and how he could be unfaithful sending pictures of himself to someone who he worked with, I suddenly saw Tom in a new erotic light, and instantly felt guilty that I was  not providing him with the sexy stuff in life he was requiring from me. Since me and Tom parted, i have dated many many men from many of whom made love to me in the most euphoric fashion. I now feel sexy, I want to provide for my man, and my life has completely turned around. My last encounter from the site was with a lovely, slightly overweight gentleman called Brian. After a lovely meal we both went back to his house- he took my knickers off and let’s just say it was raining cats and dogs down there, I wanted him, and i wanted him to enter me. He whispered into my ear “I’ll never mind your cries or passion – I am about to whoap it up you- doggy fashion”. “Yes, yes yes”I howled with joy – I dread to think what the neighbours thought, but i am 68 now, and I couldn’t give a fig. It’s my turn to be happy i thought, I am 60, and by god i feel saucy.

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UK Granny Sex

Granny Sex in the UKHello and welcome to the biggest and best website on the net for UK granny sex. We are a premium mature sex dating service that has been setup with one goal in mind…to help you contact, and meet 1000s of hot grannies in your local area. Our website is smart, sleek, simple, and most of all exciting, and we want to share it all with you. If you have ever thought about trying an adult dating website in the UK, and specifically one that caters towards older hook-ups then you are in the right place. Over the next few paragraphs we will do our best to explain why this site is perfect for you.

Meet the dirtiest grannies in the UK

Did you know that our dating site has been running for nearly 8 years now? A pretty impressive time scale I think you’ll agree, and during that time we have acquired many, many of the hottest and dirtiest granny members in the UK. The thing you need to realise is that our reputation and popularity has grown over the years, and we are widely regarded as the best saucy site in Britain. A dirty older woman is very different to your average joe –bloggs dater, they are more switched on and are looking for what they regard as the best suited, and tailored experience for their age and circumstance. This is why we have worked hard to develop a site and dating platform that grannies can feel comfortable using, and feel safe to send messages, add dirty photos and meet younger guys for sex.

Don’t worry you won’t get caught fucking one

We taking privacy and security very seriously here, we don’t want you to worry that you’ll be caught in the middle of banging a frisky older lady. To avoid these scenarios we take a couple of preliminary precautions. First of all we only let the grannies see the men, and the men see the grannies, so you’ll only have the opposite sex being able to find your profile, perfect if you are trying to keep your dating a secret from close friends. On your bill when you send a granny a gift, or present, you will never see, ‘’ as the billing name, it will be under our dating brand, ‘global partners’. So if someone close to you does see your bill, they won’t be able to divulge any real idea of your naughty little secret.

Use our search filtering system to get the type of sex you want

Our members all have varied tastes when it comes to shagging. Just like all things in life not everyone is the same, so when it comes to exploring your bedroom interests we have a huge range available for you to engage in. So if you are really interested in being dominated by a granny dominatrix, and love the idea of being tied down and have hot wax dripped all over your buttocks that is completely possible. To search for your favourite interests all you need to do is change the search criteria, by selecting the appropriate interest categories. Also make sure you add your interests to your own profile, to help make you more visible when mature members are making their searches for guys that are into oral, anal or whatever else it might be.

Embrace your granny fetish right here

The amount of times we here from guys that have written into us to say how happy they are to have finally found a sex service where they can actually meet older women, for sex, dating, or even just a chat, is unbelievable. It makes us realise how huge a fetish it is, and sadness us to think that there are guys going through their lives not fulfilling their fantasy because they don’t know where to start. If you are lucky enough to have found our website then you will already know what we can offer you, and we hope that you will helps spread the benefits of this site to any other deprived, lonely male looking to bang an attractive, experienced woman.

All it takes is 60 seconds to join us

If you are ready to take the next step and start contacting grannies who are part of our huge community of members then you’ll be pleased to know it only takes 60 seconds. All you need to do is fill in the form at the top of this page, with a username, date of birth, email address (this needs to be valid so we can verify your account) and password. After completing those 5 steps correctly you will be straight onto our platform. From here your choice in what you do, or who you meet is entirely up to you, this is your dating adventure, and we wish you all the best.

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Fuck Older Women

woman looking for a fuckThis is the big question “How do you fuck older women?”. It’s a tough one really. Lets start by looking at the basics. Firstly you have to find a mature lady you would like to get naughty with. Now I know this sound like an obvious thing to say but a lot of men just know they want to shag a granny but don’t know where to find one.


Where to find these slutty grandma’s

Well there are two place to look, online and offline. If you want to look offline it is really just a case of getting our there. Hanging out where you think hot older women will hang out. Possibly at bingo hall, maybe there are certain events in your area that might attract more mature women such as certain dance nights.

The other option is online. Back when we first release we were the only site online. Now there are hundreds of sites you could use to meet mature women online.


 The next step

saucy granny bending overThe next step is just introducing your self and just moving the relationship towards the bedroom.

Off line this is pretty tricky. You are obviously going to have to go through all the stages this entails. Such as

1.The first approach.

2. Introducing yourself.

3. Getting a number or a contact so you can meet them again.

4. Meeting up and taking them on a few dates

5. Going though all the stages of comfort building such as, holding hands, kissing.

6. Eventually moving things into the bedroom and getting naughty.

Online the process is a lot simpler.

The first three steps are taken care of really. You just search, find, have a browse through their profile. If you like what you see and would like to get sexy with them you can just send them a wink or a message.

Both these approaches are effective ways to meeting and fuck older women.

 Which method is better for you?

Well this comes down to the type of person you are. Some men love the process of approaching and meeting women offline. The banter and the chase gives them a buzz. If this is the type of person you are then it is probably better for you to mainly look for women offline and just sign up to a dating site or a bit of banter in the evenings in front of the TV.

However a lot of men find this process terrifying.  We hear stories of men who have not approached women for the best side of 20 years. Afraid that it might go wrong. Nerves of embarrassing themselves. Afraid that the women might tell them to fuck off. A huge mix of things really. I suppose the bottom line is the doubt that that woman might not be interested or might be married etc


For those men can definitely help.


On our site 100% of the women are looking for a sexual relationship. So for starters you don’t have to worry you are messaging women who might not fancy a fuck. On top of that you never have to approach a single woman, you can browse their profile without them even finding out so when you do message them you already know a bit about them and you know what kind of sexual fantasies they have. This really is the beauty of online dating. You already know about these women before you send them the first message.


Imagine a world where you could read a little bit about women and look at images of them in their pants before you went over to speak to them. That would certainly make things a bit easier. Well that is exactly what happens on online dating.

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Meet saucy grannies over 60

attractive dirty older woman enjoys a class of wine with her loverHello and good day, welcome to yet another one of our dating articles, this time we discuss the importance of meeting saucy grannies over 60, and why you shouldn’t ever stop exploring your older woman fetish, or any type of fetish for that matter. It’s easy to get disheartened when you are constantly let down by terrible mature dating sites, that promise you all the possibilities of shagging older women, but in reality leave you with only your right hand a box of Kleenex. But don’t worry there are sites out on the net that are generally here to help you get laid, and thankfully, this just so happens to be one!

The worst thing you could ever do when you have such strong desires for a specific interest or sexual practise is let them lay dormant. This is only going to do you harm in the long run, it’s even been suggest that suppressing our true feelings down, and not having the chance to explore what we really want can even make you unwell in the long run. So rather than face such a grim proposition, why not join an adult dating site that specifically caters for your needs and expectations? There are huge benefits to online dating, and it’s only in recent years have people started realising their potential and using them to explore their fetishes .

Find women saucy women all over the UK with our dating siteWhy are online dating sites so good for that? Well until you stumbled across this site what were you doing to try and fulfil your intoxication with older women? If like the average guy, probably not very much, apart from sitting around wanking over xhamster videos of old sluts. Well now you have a genuine, real opportunity to meet a local granny in your area who want’s to have sex with younger toy boys and men from all over the UK! This is happening, we see members meet for sex hook-ups every single day of the week. What we are offering here, is a place where you can date in the privacy of your home, where no one needs to know of your activity, and best of all you are meeting members who want you to share your interest with them!

It’s completely easy to get started here, you just need to spend no more than 60 seconds joining our site and setting yourself up with a free membership trial. This is the quickest way to get setup and means you’ll be browsing through any of our 2 million members in no time at all. We wish you luck with your new found adventure, and welcome you to send us any feedback or comments on your journey.

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How to get started on our site

If you are new to you might want to know how to get setup and started on our dating site so you can start messaging the 1000s of local sex addicts around you. To help you out and get things going we have created a neat little 3 step guide. If you have any further questions please contact us through our phone support line, email, Facebook or Twitter – or alternatively leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Sign up for your free account in 60 seconds

Meet horny mature bitches for no strings sexWhether you are a horny guy or a kinky older woman it’s the same process to join our exciting site. If you have looked around out site and read some of the member testimonials, and a little bit about us, then you should be feeling pretty confident and comfortable in signing up fora free trial.

This is really simple to do, just navigate to the top of this page and start filling in the five step registration form.  The only information you have to provide us with at this point is, what you are looking for, man or woman, a username, ideally not a nickname, your date of birth, an email address (this must be valid for us to complete your registration and confirm you are not a scammer), and finally a password. If you are happy to provide us with those 5 bits of information you will be up and running with a profile in just 60 seconds.

Step 2: Use our advanced search tool to browse local members

Once you are setup with your account it’s time to start searching for members to contact and meet in your local area for sex. However before you get to this part, we suggest you take a few minutes to fill in your newly created profile. Make sure you add a profile picture (or more if you can) a short description about yourself, and  to fill in your adult interests. Doing this will give you a 60% higher chance of being contacted by another member.

So once you have done that, it’s time to start searching for your own prefect partner to have sex with. The best way to do this is by navigating to the search page and filling in all the necessary filters and criteria. You can search within a 5 – 150 mile radius of your postcode, generally if you live near a big city or town, we wouldn’t recommend searching much more than 5 – 15 miles in the first instance. However, if you know you live in a pretty remote location, then you can increase that until members start populating your results.

Make sure to include the filters you want, you can select things like body type, hair colour, skin colour, right down to a members interests, like if they are into oral sex, or role playing, or sucking feet, that sort of thing.

Step 3: Contact a member and organise to meet for sex

Fuck a 60 year old woman todayOnce you have got your list of desired members to message it’s time to get the conversation flowing. We suggest you send a message to all your favourite members, as securing a sex date can be a bit of a numbers game at times, so you won’t harm yourself by contacting all your favourites at once. When sending out the first message, try and keep it short and sweet, don’t bore someone with your life story, it’s really not very attractive or impressive! Keep it light, maybe a touch flirty, and maybe include something that you read about them on their profile. Like if they said they liked dressing up for sex, and you share the same interest, why not let them know?

Once you have sent a few messages, and you are getting good positive replies with some questions directed at you, it’s time to step it up a gear and propose to meet up. You can be quite forward with this, as most people are all looking for the same thing here, so if she or he says no, then they’re probably just testing the waters, and not really ever going to commit. Suggest somewhere local, that it is in a public place to have some drinks, a bar, pub, is always a great idea for this.

Take things slow, read the signs, and when you know your partner is ready ask her to come back yours, or go to theirs to really get the party started.